Samsung TV

These days, the shopper increasingly expects an improved shopping experience, including expert and individual advice on product selection specifically. In order to meet these expectations, Samsung offers an option for requesting a qualified Samsung TV customer service representative in real time at the push of a button, even outside the retail outlet.

Support is provided over digital displays. These contact a free customer service representative by video call and establish a real-time connection between them and the customer at both ends over a user-friendly interface. During the conversation, different product features are presented visually on the screen to the customer so that they can better understand the unique advantages and selling points of different TV sets. Finally, the customer rates their experience and level of satisfaction with the customer service representative.

These Call-to-Expert displays are located throughout the entire retail sales floor and facilitate convenient customer service on the fly wherever they are needed. Customers can also search through various TV set specifications via the displays and compare the functions of the models and their prices.

This project was implemented in partnership with erteco technologies.