Pop up Store

A digital & design concept was developed for a pitch request from an underwear brand, which combines urban shopping in a relaxed and discreet atmosphere with innovative customer service.


  • Creating Atmosphere

A long stay is rarely implied at shops in high-traffic areas and customers tend to browse through the assortment briefly or are simply on their way to an appointment. Buying underwear, on the other hand, is very personal and often time-consuming endeavour. The focus of the interior concept therefore was to protect the customer’s privacy during fittings by providing an innovative and discreet customer service.


  • Digital shopping experience

The foyer in the shop reminds customers of a café lounge and invites them to linger. At the same time, customers can view underwear on an app on their smartphones and reserve articles to try on afterwards and then make a purchase. Samples of each product are placed on display in the pop-up store.


  • The changing room as a place of privacy and individuality

The customer can note down the size of the underwear they want to try on using the app. The staff then prepare the cubicle personally for the customer. Each cubicle is equipped with a screen and chest of drawers that the customer service staff fill with the underwear the customer has selected on the app.


  • Discrete customer service

The customer is greeted personally via a screen when she enters her reserved cubicle. The customer can also use the screen to ask a member of the customer service staff for help or for other sizes, colours or models, if necessary.


This concept was developed in partnership with Culture Form.