Edding Tower shop

Increasing the brand visibility at the stationary PoS while making products tangible at the same time – the digital information and interaction options of the Edding Tower Shop offer all this and more.

Several digital solutions were developed and implemented to communicate the assortment and added value based on the PIM system. These include digital signage, interactive product information, WIFI product finder, e-Leporello for the consumer’s smartphone and electronic price tags.

  • Digital signage as an eye-catcher to increase the long-distance effect and communicate the latest themes
  • Touchscreen to more prominently communicate in-focus products
  • Lift-&-Learn customer service assistant to make relevant product information intuitively accessible
  • Free WIFI for easy access to the product finder and
  • ESLs for optically labelling products on the shelf
  • Product finder and product information using an e-Leporello on the consumer’s smartphone